Jessie Allee-Walsh Somatic Therapy

Jessie Allee-Walsh


Trauma-Informed Mindfulness-Based Counselor



  • Developmental Trauma + Complex PTSD

  • Meditation + Mindfulness

  • Holistic Support for Depression


  • Master of Mindfulness-Based Transpersonal Clinical Counseling, Naropa University

  • Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, Loyola University

  • Neuroaffective Relational Model (NARM) Level 1&2

  • Ayurvedic Yoga Practitioner Training, Swan River Yoga

  • Certified Yoga Teacher, Wild Lotus Yoga

  • Massage Therapist, Memorial Hermann Texas Medical Center


  • INTERN THERAPIST, Naropa Community Counseling


  • DANCE THERAPY COFACILITATOR, Colorado Coalition for the Homeless

  • DANCE THERAPY COFACILITATOR, Colorado Conservatory of Dance

I believe that embodiment is the portal to an authentic and meaningful life. Our truth lives in our bodies: in our hearts, minds, and bellies. It is through this awareness and connection to our bodies that we connect to who we are on the deepest and most profound level. Though it is not always easy, reconnecting to our embodied selves is the most energy-efficient path to living meaningful and connected lives. 

Western society fuels disconnection; unfortunately, few of us are left unimpacted. Complex trauma, developmental trauma, attachment trauma, relational trauma, and cultural trauma disconnect us from ourselves. It is no easy feat to reconnect to ourselves but I am committed to supporting you in finding your way back. I am on the path beside you.

My primary focus is supporting clients challenged with developmental, complex, attachment, relational, and cultural trauma. As a NARM-trained therapist (Neuroaffective Relational Model, a framework that incorporates Diamond Approach, Hakomi, Somatic Experiencing, Gestalt therapy, and other wisdom streams), my approach is present-centered, neurobiologically informed, physiologically aware, client-centered, transpersonal, non-pathologizing, and relational. By bringing awareness to how outdated coping strategies from earlier traumas are showing up today, we can then choose how we want to meet challenges in the present. Awareness allows agency.

I bring heart, humor, and humility to all that I do. I received my BA in Psychology at Loyola University in New Orleans and completed my master's in Mindfulness-Based Transpersonal Clinical Counseling at Naropa University. 

I am proud of my New Orleans heritage and the wisdom I gained as a survivor of Hurricane Katrina. Prior to pursuing my graduate degree, I had successful careers in hospitality, sales, and as a yoga teacher. I have also pursued acting, singing, and dance. I have a deep appreciation for movement, the arts, nutrition, and meditation. Though born and raised in New Orleans, I have lived in Santa Fe, NM; Houston, TX; St. Thomas, VI; Denver, CO; and now Boulder, CO. I am honored and inspired to be a witness to the healing of my clients. 



Sarah G., LPC, LAC

Jessie embodies a powerful combination of deep care, empathy, compassion, and insight. She realizes the healing alchemy of safety in relationship and allows this to be central in her work with clients. Jessie is committed to her own personal process work which is the ground to navigate the full spectrum of emotions and what it means to be human. She provides the kind of safe harbor and relationship that effectively changes lives.