My energy healing sessions are performed remotely, so you can relax in your own space while I work with healing energy from my office.


I combine my training in Taoist medicine, shamanism, Reiki, and trauma regulation to support your system to unburden any blockages to the free flow of healthy life force. 


My goal in these sessions is always to facilitate your own inner wisdom and healing seeds to sprout, bringing you what you are most needing at this time.


The nuts and bolts:

  • You will fill out an intake form, where you tell me up to 3 intentions for the session. These could include:
    • stress relief
    • supporting joy + health
    • healing for a specific part of the body or ailment
    • emotional regulation
    • coming to peace with a difficult situation
    • etc.
  • We will decide on a date and time (the session is 60 minutes).
  • You can do anything during our allotted time, but resting is always a good option.

Energy Healing Session