yoga + movement

Body Scan  |  12min

Microcosmic Orbit  |  17min

Movement is so important for developing a relationship with the body. Through experiencing ourselves in movement, we learn about our impulses, our places of contraction, our levels of strength and flexibility. Oftentimes, the psychological issues we want to work with are perfectly mirrored by our body's shape, size, contours, armoring, and patterns. Moving the body can move the mind and the emotions, just as moving the mind and emotions can move the body. 

Yoga is an ancient wisdom tradition of body movement. In yogic philosophy, we aren't just moving the body for the physical benefits (of which there are plenty, such as strength, flexibility, balance, etc.), but we are also exploring the mental, emotional, and energetic imprints of which the body is a perfect map.

Bringing as much mindfulness and awareness as possible to our bodies in motion will help you develop an intimate relationship between the many layers of yourself. You will have a lifelong friend, resource, and advisor in your body, as you learn to understand its language more and more deeply.

Some of these videos involve gross movements of muscles and joints, but some of them just involve moving your awareness throughout the body.

The body scan tends to be helpful for relaxation and sleep, the microcosmic orbit for moving stuck energy, and chair yoga and meditation can be a good morning or afternoon reset.

Try them, see how they impact you, and let us know by emailing
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