Shamanic Healing Arts

What is a Shaman?

The word shaman comes from the Tungus tribe of Siberia, meaning spiritual healer or one who sees in the dark.


Cultures all over the world use trance states to mediate between the seen and unseen realms: they enter autohypnotic states through means of drumming, dancing, plant medicine, meditation, visualization, chanting, etc.

What Can I Expect in a Session?

We have been blessed to have many wonderful teachers in shamanic modalities stemming from Native American, Vedic, Jewish, Buddhist, Amazonian, and Taoist origins.


These traditions all share a deep connection to the body, the natural world, and the seen and unseen beings who are always available to help us. Oftentimes in our work, we will allow for invisible helpers to appear: this may be someone who has passed, an imaginal being that seems to come from inside or outside of you, or a spirit guide.


Master of Divinity
Somatic Psychotherapist

Nature-based Coach

Psychedelic Integration Specialist

Sometimes we will feel the presence in the room or in your body, a presence that may be exactly attuned to you and your needs.

We may also work with inner parts: inner children, inner critics, demons, allies, a depressed part, an addict part, etc., envisioning them sitting in the room with us and allowing them to speak with us.

We take a spiritual-but-not-religious view of this work: getting in touch with unconscious forces of healing is available to all of us and doesn't need to be separate from our psychological process.

For a taste of this work, you can download the Find Your Power Animal meditation or click the Get in Touch button below to schedule a free 20-minute consultation.


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