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  • PROGRAM STAFF, Boulder Shelter for the Homeless

  • YOGA AIDE, Sol y Luna Yoga



  • ORGANIC INTELLIGENCE, Current study in somatic-based trauma resolution with Steve Hoskinson

  • TRAUMA-INFORMED PLANT MEDICINE, with Somatic Experiencing Practitioner Atira Tan

  • PLANT SPIRIT MEDICINE, Suzanne & Charles Burnell

  • PRINCIPLES OF FIVE ELEMENT ACUPUNCTURE,  Institute of Taoist Education & Acupuncture




  • THE ART OF EMPATHY training, Karla McLaren

  • BACHELOR OF ARTS in Philosophy & Religious Studies, Northern Arizona University



Years ago, a powerful medicine woman acutely saved my life after years of debilitating pain simply by holding her hands over my body and visualizing change inside. The chance encounter altered the course of my life. It set my heart aflame.

My vision asks for a depth of healing that is only possible when mind, body, and spirit are given equal attention and weight.


I have traveled to the jungles of the Amazon to learn traditional pathways of healing, studied Buddhist philosophy and practice, and learned an ancient Taoist tradition of healing that maps the human psyche onto the body, using the elements of the natural world: earth, water, fire, plants, and minerals.

Yet, in most cases, what is most urgently needed is deep attention to one’s body, personal history, and wounding.


A foundation in somatic awareness is the keystone to expansion. In this work, we prioritize nurturing and affirming our body's deep wisdom and strength through somatic, body-based practices aimed at resolving trauma in the nervous system.

From there, we can cultivate a relationship with the spirit world as a vital component to an integrated & healthy psyche. Gaining an embodied sense of your place in the cosmos opens up the door to true wisdom, creativity and abundant wellbeing.

Our work together will help you to confidently say, "I matter, I belong, I am worthy of life, I believe in myself, and in the power of my dreams."

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Working with Dara has been a transformative experience for me—each time learning more about myself and healing in both physical and spiritual ways. Her approach works in a serpentine manner, quietly and effectively caressing the spiritual wounds, rectifying unhealthy energy flows and allowing healing to truly begin from the inside out. I continue to seek out her services for spiritual growth and bodily wellness. With her sessions, I have been able to better connect with my body, my lovers, my family both living and ancestral, as well as esoteric energies and beings. The medicine isn’t always easy or pleasant to experience, at times it is deeply challenging, but each time it is undeniably worth it. I’m eternally grateful to have met Dara, and look forward to engaging future work with her!

Sydney H.

The work that Dara and I did together drastically improved my quality of life. I was suffering from severe anxiety and depression that were preventing me from functioning. Shortly after the first session, I gained insight into past traumas and began to consciously let go of the remnants that were weighing me down.


The release had begun subconsciously, no doubt, during the first session. The subsequent sessions were no less effective at accelerating the healing process. In a short period of time, my anxiety and depression have subsided, I have reconnected with myself and my surroundings and have reached a functional state.


These things would not have happened without Dara. She is a healer. Her intuition and approach are incredibly effective. I highly recommend Dara’s work!

Scott M.



Dara del Rio Video Transcript

Hi. Welcome to my bio page. My name is Dara del Rio, and I specialize in working with childhood trauma, sexual trauma, grief, and major life transitions, embodied sense of spirituality, and plant spirit apprenticeships, where we work with the spirits of plants to aid in any and all of those things. You can learn more about those in my specialties. 

I’ve had a practice and formal study of hatha yoga and Buddhist meditation for about 10 years. I also have three years of master’s level training in Chinese medicine, where I learned an embodied kind of psychology that connects our minds, our bodies, and our spirits to the elements of the natural world. I use all of these aspects of my formal training and my personal practice to inform my work with clients. I’m also currently studying several forms of trauma resolution therapy to help move trauma through the body and process and integrate experiences fully, which I’ve had a lot of success with clients with. And I think it’s a really important part of healing is working directly with the body.

There are a lot of other aspects of me, but the most important thing that I bring to my work with you is you. This is about you, and I’m here to support you in however you see fit, whatever that means to you. I’m here to provide scaffolding, reflection, and guidance when needed, to help you achieve your goals in your mind, your body, and your spirit. 

So, I’d love to hear from you and connect further. You can get in touch by reaching out to us in the contact page or calling our number (720-608-0261‬). And I look forward to hearing from you soon.