Cassie Belden Somatic Therapy

Cassie Belden

Somatic Practitioner


  • Nervous System Regulation

  • Trauma Integration

  • Ecopsychology

  • Teens & Young Adults

  • Natural Disaster

  • Queer & Gender Identity

  • Body Image & Relationship to Food 


  • LEAD MENTOR, Dragonfly Transitions

  • DIRECT SERVICE PROVIDER, Ashland Supportive Housing

  • INTERN, Healthy Eating and Living, UC Santa Barbara


  • BACHELOR OF ARTS, Psychology and Environmental Studies

  • TRAUMA INFORMED CERTIFIED YOGA TEACHER, Awakened Heart Embodied Mind with Hala Khouri

    3-Year Trauma Treatment Certification 


I want to help you find peace in your body and joy in your life. 


A childhood of running wild in the woods instilled in me a reverence for nature from an early age. Sadly, my capacity to feel connection and support in nature was challenged after a 2015 wildfire took my family home and ravaged the land I grew up with. In the aftermath of this life-altering trauma, doing somatic work in nature helped me regain my connection to the earth and to myself. I went on to become a trauma-informed yoga teacher, work with young adults in residential treatment, and continue my somatic training. 


I have always been interested in healing work and earned a Psychology degree with the hope of helping others. However, it was my own healing journey after the fire that led me to become a trauma healing practitioner. As is possible for all of us, my trauma became my gift. 


I offer stress management and trauma healing through Somatic Experiencing, a body-focused practice that gently unwinds that which is “stuck” within us. This practice offers our nervous systems the chance to regulate, leading to a reduction of stress and trauma-related symptoms. 


Within a session, we will create a container together with practices like orientation and grounding. As a practitioner I will hold the container as we together follow the clues offered by your nervous system. Our bodies already contain all they need to heal, and together we can find a path to peace.


I believe that embodied, empowered, and healed people can change the course of the future. 


Let’s go there together.

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I would recommend Somatic Experiencing with Cassie to anyone who is considering it, or who is curios about if SE is a therapy modality that could help them. Working with Cassie helps me process experiences and emotions that are too complex or uncomfortable for me to process or understand on my own. Cassie is uniquely skilled in creating a safe space within which she guides you with professionalism and compassion. My SE sessions with Cassie feel gentle yet are able to help me move through some very uncomfortable feelings and memories. I’m thankful to have a professional like Cassie on my team to help me navigate living.