• Finding Meaning + Purpose

  • Creating Art as a Spiritual Being

  • Childhood Trauma + Illness 

  • Spiritual Emergency

  • Psychedelic Integration

  • Shamanic Healing (Sessions + Classes)

  • Reiki (Sessions + Classes)

  • Movement for Differently Abled Bodies


  • Spiritual Coach

  • Reiki Practitioner + Teacher

  • Shamanic Practitioner + Teacher

  • Performance Artist + Teacher


  • Current Master in Divinity Candidate, Naropa University

  • Currently in the MDMA Assisted Therapy Certification program through the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS)

  • Master of Fine Arts: Contemporary Performance, Naropa University

  • Mindfulness Meditation Instructor, Naropa University

  • Experiential Anatomy Somatic Work, Naropa University

  • Extended-Voice Voicework, Naropa University

  • Contemplative Dance Practice, Naropa University

  • Initiated in the Hungarian Basca Shamanic Tradition

  • Apprenticed and Initiated as a Master in the Usui Shiki Ryoho System of Reiki

Volunteer Service

​Leslie is very active in the international Reiki community. Volunteer service includes:

  • Reiki HOME, Volunteer Fundraising Consultant, Current

  • Northwest Reiki Gathering, Volunteer, Current

  • Northwest Reiki Gathering, Board of Trustees, 2008-2011

Are you living your best story? I believe we are all heroes on our own perfect journeys through life. It is my passion to support people in living their best stories and I offer tools to help clients uncover those stories and create embodied, meaningful, and joyful lives. 

In sessions, I incorporate Experiential Anatomy techniques, Shamanic healing, Reiki, meditation, and ritual. We will look at the ancestral/generational and societal stories that have shaped your view of yourself and the world and we will see where they align for you, and where they do not. We will call in support from your guides and allies, including your own Higher Wisdom, to shift the energy around you, bring you more in alignment with your dreams, and infuse your life with new purpose and direction. 

I am committed to my own continued personal growth and healing and have practiced Reiki daily for over 15 years and meditated for over 20 years. These practices support my body and mind and I have healed my body in ways that Western science can’t explain through my own daily practice. As someone who has lived with chronic illness my entire life, I deeply believe we all have the power to heal ourselves and find peace and ease in our bodies and minds. I am very grateful for the tools I have received on my own journey and it is my honor to share them to empower others on their healing paths.

I am a performance artist and love working with artists to free up their creative potential. I am initiated and teach in the Hungarian Basca Shamanic tradition and I am a Reiki Master and teacher in the Usui Shiki Ryoho System. I am a current Masters in Divinity candidate at Naropa University and I also hold an MFA in Contemporary Performance from Naropa. Whether working with clients and students, or performing original work inspired by dreams and fairytales, I am passionate about the ancient practice of using stories and ritual to bring healing to individuals and communities.

In my free time, I love being in, on, or near water. I also am a proud geek who loves sharks, dinosaurs, and all things fantasy/science fiction.

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MDivc, MA, MFA
Spiritual Coach + Somatic Practitioner

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I’ve had the opportunity to be in a group led by Leslie three different times. Each time was its own unique experience that has left a deep impact on my life. I’m not exactly sure who/what she is channeling, but it’s clear her energy is strong and there’s nothing but good intentions during the journey. It’s hard to put into words, but if you’re looking to unlock some things inside you, this may be the experience you need.

Stacey S. 

I have sought out Leslie's support during two especially challenging and traumatic times in my life. In both instances, she guided me through shamanic work that left me feeling more whole and connected to my deeper self, eventually feeling stronger and capable. Leslie provided me with lifelong tools so I could continue to work on myself. Her kind, loving, and nurturing manner helped me move through immense pain. I am forever grateful for her.

Sara G.

It has been one of my greatest blessings to have been able to work with Leslie for the past 10 years. Her grace, compassionate presence, and gentle demeanor touched me deeply in my heart and soul and helped me rebuild my life after divorce and weathering major health crises of family members. Leslie won’t let you play the victim because she doesn’t see you as a victim, but rather as whole and complete. Her special gift lies in the way you are able to know that you are safe and that you can trust her to lead you to face your shadows and limiting beliefs that obscure your wholeness and see beyond them so that you can embrace your hidden strengths and gifts.

Rob P.

Leslie is generous, loving, and insightful. Her shamanic and energetic insights are always powerful yet delivered with gentleness. Leslie's deep commitment to healing reverberates through everything she does.

Wendy K.