Morning Breathwork + Meditation

Train Your Mind

Train your mind to not go chasing squirrels in this 30-minute sit, led by Emma Sartwell at Naropa University as part of their COVID-19 community offerings.


This practice incorporates breathwork to settle the mind and body, and then about 15 minutes of sitting quietly, training the mind to follow the breath, in what is known in Buddhism as "shamatha," or "calm abiding."


Through shamatha practice, we cultivate the muscle of the mind to be stronger, more able to focus, more open, and more flexible. The benefits of this simple form of meditation are many: better sleep, more spaciousness, and rest-and-digest healing, to name but a few.

A 30-minute meditation session is great anytime, but I particularly like it for starting my day on the right foot (or the right brain . . . ?).

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