Distance healing

Distance Healing

Touching into the World of Dreams

Distance healing is a system of diagnostic and curative tools rooted in the realm of possibility where our dreams happen and where we can consciously journey to change deep-seated patterns and habituated ways of being.

Some clients prefer to lay down or take a bath during the scheduled time. Others just go about their regular life. Some clients report feeling sensations, seeing imagery, or receiving insights, while other don't notice much happening during the session time.

Distance healing can help with a wide range of issues. While it is not a replacement for psychotherapy or treatment from a qualified physician, the sky is truly the limit when it comes to its ability to help ease and mitigate conditions of all kinds. We have seen improvements in clients facing a diversity of problems such as: 

  • anxiety

  • depression

  • trauma

  • autoimmune issues

  • self-esteem + self-worth

  • clearing blockages

  • clarity of purpose

  • connection to oneself + spirit



Emma Sartwell somatic therapy

Master of Divinity
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Somatic Practitioner

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Emma Sartwell somatic therapy

Somatic Practitioner
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How Does Distance Healing Work?

Distance healing is committed to the preservation of ancient ways of healing the body and mind. It heals from the inside out, instead of merely mitigating and alleviating symptoms. Healing happens at the rate appropriate for each individual. Dysfunctional energetic patterns are gently uncovered and transformed back into goodness, strength, and vitality, ultimately clearing the manifestation of illness in a systemic and sustained way. Sometimes this can look like an overnight transformation, while other times it can be a slow and gradual process.


So many of us have been taught to view “getting better” as feeling less pain, or simply returning to the old mode of familiarity and stasis. In this work, healing is a passageway to greater expansion, empowerment, and transformation. It is a journey of exploration and of self-discovery, of opening to new levels of ease and well-being through the profound language of the spirit.

In Distance Healing, the practitioner balances consciously directing the flow of energy and simply witnessing a greater story unfold. Usually, we’ll slip into a kind of trance or autohypnotic state and start feeling people in a very intimate way, communicating with spirit beings, and seeing metaphorical imagery.

As practitioners, we may receive physical sensations, visual imagery, and auditory input. We open to receiving information through the right brain—where time and space are undifferentiated and where emotions and imprints move like dreams, rather than linear narratives in time. This kind of information exists on a different plane of reality; we use our "inner ears,” "inner eyes," and "inner nerves” to perceive it.

In distance healing, there are no rules, only ideologies and frameworks that we can slip into and out of depending on their usefulness at any given moment, such as symbolic imagery, body sensations, energetic meridians, chakras, etc. People and consciousness are so fluid that there is no formula that will always work for everyone—it’s a constant dance and balance between what the mind knows and the body feels to find what’s going to bring healing for a given person at a given time.

What Can I Expect in a Distance Healing Session?

Each session emerges from the intuitive guidance we receive as to what is needed in the moment, so each experience is unique and, if part of a series, builds upon those before. A distance healing session consists of an hour-long intake beforehand via video. After we gather some preliminary information, we perform the distance healing work at a pre-prescribed time. 

During the allotted time, we will tune into your energy field. Distance healing does not rely on physical proximity to be effective, as we are touching into a world where time and space work very differently than in this one. It also has the advantage of feeling more comfortable for people to be able to stay in their own space, where it is easier to relax and go into more vulnerable spaces.

We will get a sense of where blockages lie and encourage them to unravel and transform into the latent gifts they are. In the days following, you will receive an email detailing any pertinent experiences that arose. We typically will have some health-related or ritual advice to share and particular themes, images, and/or parts of the body to attune to and care for.

Distance Healing  F A Q

How quickly can I expect to start seeing results?

Healing happens at the rate appropriate for each individual. Sometimes this can look like an overnight transformation, while other times it can be a slow and gradual process. We encourage you not to focus as much on a fixed outcome, but rather to fully experience what is coming up in the moment as an opportunity to embrace learning and growth. Most clients see some shift or hear useful feedback in one session, but everyone is individual in this regard.

Are there any drawbacks or contraindications to distance healing?

The short answer is no, there are not. It is an effective yet entirely safe modality. Difficult issues from one’s past or present may come into focus as a result of the work we do together. This may be painful, but we incorporate nervous system awareness into all of our healing modalities to decrease the risk of too much coming up too fast. Please be prepared to the best of your ability to face what comes with courage and vulnerability. You will be supported every step of the way.

Where can I find more information on this kind of work?

We draw from an ever-evolving list of resources in the continued expansion of this work. A lot of what we have learned has been directly from healers and mentors whom we have observed working over the years. Increasingly so, much of the information we are learning and incorporating now comes directly from talking with plants as well our own intuitive guidance. We simply continue to trust, listen, and to see what comes.

For a sample of our style, you can download an audio file of one of our guided shamanic meditations.

Malidoma Somé, Sandra Ingerman, and Michael Harner have some wonderful resources on contemporary shamanic healing practices available.

I am ready . . . what is the next step?

Simply click the Get in Touch button below and fill out the contact form. We will handle the rest.

Healing in nature



Ongoing Shamanic Healing

We integrate shamanic-based practices into our body-based counseling. We find that these modalities work wonderfully together: through going deeply into the body and our personal history, we can more easily access that which is beyond our individual identity.

Flower in Sunlight

Plant Apprenticeship

Plant Spirit Apprenticeships are a guided process in which you develop an intimate relationship with a plant, such as lavender or rose. By devoting a few minutes a day for a set period of time, this relationship can deepen and heal many aspects of your life.

New Moon

Distance Healing

In a Distance Healing session, you hold an intention or question for your deeper knowing. Then you relax, while the practitioner seeks guidance and healing on your behalf.