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We hope these guided meditations are supportive to you on your journey.

  • Installing the Inner Ally | In this 24-minute audio, you will go beneath the surface into the psychic realm of the unseen, allowing your right brain to take you where you need to go for greater healing and wholeness. Includes a 6-page Integration Journal.

  • Earth Connection | A 23-minute audio to help you access the power and groundedness of your innate connection to the earth element, the central element of Taoist philosophy.

  • Connecting to the Inner Child | In this 22-minute audio meditation, you will start to build or deepen your connection with a younger part of yourself: with their brilliance and vibrance, as well as the places they may need support and healing.

  • Gentle Shadow Work | In this 25-minute audio meditation, we gently work with material that is not always readily available to our conscious minds: hopes, fears, and desires that we don't always provide with the time, attention, and honoring needed. 

  • Meeting Your Plant Ally | Would you like to feel supported by a guide from the plant world? Of course you would. In this 25-minute audio meditation, you will journey into the dreamworld of imagery, where you will find a plant attuned specifically to you and your needs.

We hope you try them out and let us know about your experience by emailing hello @ somaticspiritualcounseling.com.